Each workflow object in django-river has a different instance of the the same lifecycle. The transitions, authorization rules and hooks are created out of the workflow specification once and special to the workflow object itself.

River Admin is showing the timeline of one workflow object that is consist of states, transitions, authorizations and hooks that scattered around in one useful user interface. On this page you can see what has happened so far along with what will possibly happen with the object. You can even add a transition and approval hooks tied to a particular object that is not for whole workflow object.

Here you can see an example of whole lifecycle of a workflow object;

Current State: Initialized Initialized

Current State: Shipped Shipped

Current State: Arrived Approved but still Shipped Arrived 1

Current State: Arrived Arrived 2

Current State: Closed Closed


There are different type of indicator colors for different states like current state (Blue), approved state (Green), possible state (White with dashed border) or impossible state (Grey).

Green State Blue State White State With Dashed Border Grey State