Create Workflow


Before you can set up your workflow, your app integration with django-river must be done. Don’t worry it is with the easiest setup.To see how to do it with django-river pleas have a look at django-river


In order to see this page, your user has to have river.add_workflow permission.

Creating a workflow consist of defining its intiial state and the state field along with the content type and later on the transitons buy just clicking.

Initiale Worklfow

  • if you haven’t had any worklow before, Home page will wellcome you with a button which will take yo to the workflow creation page. If you have had a workflow before then just click the plus button on the right bottom corner to navigate to the page.

Home Without Workflow Img

  • Pick the workflow that you have had the integration with django-river

Select Workflow Img

  • Pick the initial state of your workflow and lastly hit the create button

Select Initial State Img

Create Transitions

This is the most fun part of River Admin. Becuase it provides a highly interactive one screen to create them all.


Every change you make on that screen is an online action. Meaning that it will also be applied on the DB.


Same screen can anytime be used to update the transitions in the workflow as well

  • What you are going to run into after you have done the previous steps is something like this;

Initial State Is Created Img

  • This interface expects you to click the rectangles which are representing the transition states to create next state out of them. Simply click them and that will change their color so that you can understand you managed to select

Searching Second State Img

Scond Second Is Created Img